Monday Insider: Lawrence still has issues with taste, smell after COVID but ready to roll

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Trevor Lawrence said he is ready to get back to practice. (Photo courtesy ACC)
Trevor Lawrence said he is ready to get back to practice. (Photo courtesy ACC)

Clemson players say that while the loss to Notre Dame still stings, they are ready to use the open date to heal mentally and physically and move forward.

Clemson dropped its first regular-season game since 2017 in a double-OT defeat at now-No. 2 Notre Dame, 47-40. Several players met with the media Monday to discuss the loss, the open date, and other topics.

Included in the group was quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who says he still has issues with his taste and smell but is otherwise feeling healthy and ready to at practice this week.

Trevor Lawrence

*He said he thought he had a bad cold on the Monday he found out he was positive. Lawrence said he wound up with flu-like symptoms, and then by Friday he was feeling better. He said he felt bad for two days and then was better. Still has a funky sense of taste and smell.

*Lawrence said there was a little concern because of the nature of the virus, and now he is healthy and feeling good.

*He said he could play this weekend if Clemson had a game, and if he had been cleared feels like he could have played at Notre Dame.

*He said he found out he wouldn’t play at Notre Dame the morning of the BC game. Trainer Danny Poole and head coach Dabo Swinney talked to him on the phone and told him the timing was wrong. Swinney told him he would mention it to the media later that day to head off any speculation.

*He is very proud of freshman QB DJ Uiagalelei. He said he was communicating with all of the coaches and with DJ during the game.

*When he goes out and wants to be private, his go-to is a hoodie, but then everyone wants to know who the 6-6 guy is in the hoodie. He said it’s hard to be private when you’re 6-6, so he just doesn’t go out in public all that much, has food delivered, eats at home.

*On if the outcome would have been different if he had played, he said he doesn’t know. Said football is such a funny game, but DJ played really well. Obviously, he would have loved to play.

*He has no idea where he contracted the virus. He tries to keep his circle tight, but it’s hard because you never know when someone has the virus.

*He used the time off to rest. He said he didn’t realize how drained he was. He watched some Notre Dame film, but mainly tried to recharge so he can lead his team down the stretch.

*Lawrence said it is kind of surreal to realize that he might have just six games left in his Clemson career and just one home game. However, he kept saying he has a decision to make and it sounds like maybe he doesn’t know for sure what direction he will take. He said his mindset is the same and he doesn’t really want to talk about it.

BT Potter

*He said this season has been fun for him. He felt like in spring ball he had things figured out. He changed his form a little bit, and then he had a great fall camp. After going 3-3 at Wake Forest he realized it was working and helped his confidence.

*He has been growing his hair out for two years. Said he grew it out in high school and liked it so decided to do it again.

*Potter said his leg has felt great this year, but he will give it a rest this week. He wants to work on things that he normally wouldn’t work on. He thinks the open date will be good for him.

Nyles Pinckney

*He said his message to the younger players Saturday night was to keep playing and keep fighting, that maybe Notre Dame was faster than they were used to but to learn from it. He said it will help them grow and help them down the road.

KJ Henry

*Hats off to Notre Dame, they balled out this weekend. Said Ian Book was very elusive.

*He said the mood of the team is reload. It’s hard to rip the Band-Aid off. They are not used to losing and now they have to focus on FSU, an opponent they respect.

*Henry said they know what is at stake and what is expected, but they feel like they need to concentrate on FSU.

*He tweeted out, “God is in control” shortly after the loss. He said he felt that in his heart, that with the pandemic and things going on in the country, he needed to let everyone know that things are going to be ok.

*With all the injuries, he said he was glad he plays defensive line so he didn’t have to turn around and see all of the people dropping behind him. However, he said the injuries are not an excuse and they had a chance to win the game and didn’t get it done.

*There is a lot of room for improvement from the defensive ends.

*Henry said that while they have played two great offensive lines the last two games, they can improve their technique and how they perform. He said there are a lot of things they can do to get better.

*Henry says he made the right decision in playing DE and not TE when he sees DJ Uiagalelei throw the football. He feels like the ball gets to the receivers so fast. Made a joke that Uiagalelei is stronger than Trevor, saying, “Trevor is weak.” He said some of the throws Uiagalelei has made have been fun to watch, and called the performance at Notre Dame “breathtaking.”

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