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Name: Gill Lindsay   
City, State: Dallas , GA
Occupation: Church Planter/Marketing and Promotions Consultant
Affiliation: Fan
School: Shorter College
Major: History BA (1983)
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I am truly a "Native Clemsonite" born in Anderson, I guess farm animals were the only thing actually born in Clemson in 1957 (may still be that way). Went to first grade at Calhoun-Clemson elementary before being exiled to Georgia (Rome mostly, now live in Dallas) My Clemson affiliation is more than just a fan it is blood and dirt! My paternal grandparents are buried next to the Legend on cemetary hill right behind the South stands. My father helped lay the original sod in Death Valley and rests eternally at Old Stone Church cemetary. The Lindsay family has a Clemson legacy of over 80 years! I'm proud to be a part of both families!

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