Topic: Updated Roster by years on team for 2021,
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Updated Roster by years on team for 2021,

Posted: Jan 20, 2021, 6:08 PM

This is a rather long list of players by the number of years on the team. If they have an (*) then they used a redshirt before 2020. Of Course everyone gets an extra year if they were on team in 2020.

Has anyone heard anything from/about JC Chalk, Cade Stewart, Regan Upshaw? Not sure if they will return.

If someone got a scholarship last year as a walk-on, they may still be on this list even if the scholarship was for one year. This should be mainly scholarship players.

6Th Year(7)
Darien Rencher(RB*), JC Chalk(TE*), Cade Stewart(OL*), Regan Upshaw(DE*), James Skalski(LB*), Nolan Turner(S*), Will Spiers(K*)

5th Year(6)
Matt Bockhorst(OL*), Blake Vinson(OL*), Justin Foster(DE), Baylon Spector(LB*), LeAnthony Williams(CB*), Jack Maddox(LS*),

4th Year(15)
Lyn-J Dixon(RB), Justin Ross(WR), Will Swinney(WR), Braden Galloway(TE), Jordan McFadden(OL*), Xavier Thomas(DE), Justin Foster(DE), Darnell Jefferies(DT*), KJ Henry(DE*), Justin Mascoll(DE*), Mike Jones(LB*), Jake Venables(LB*), Derion Kendrick(CB), Mario Goodrich(CB), BT Potter(K)

3rd Year(26)
Taisun Phommachanh(QB*), Chez Mellusi(RB), Michel Dukes(RB), Joseph Ngata(WR), Frank Ladson, Jr.(WR), Brannon Spector(WR*), Davis Allen(TE), Jaelyn Lay(TE*), Will Putnam(OL), Hunter Rayburn(OL*), Mason Trotter(OL*), Kaleb Boateng(OL*), Tayquon Johnson(OL*), Tyler Davis(DT), Ruke Orhorhoro(DT), Etinosa Reuben(DT*), Greg Williams(DE*), Kane Patterson(LB), LaVonta Bentley(LB*), Keith Maquire(LB), Lannden Zanders(S), Joseph Charleston(S), Ray Thornton(S*), Sheridan Jones(CB), Andrew Booth(CB), Aidan Swanson(K*)

2nd Year(22)
DJ Uiagalelei(QB), K Pace(RB), EJ Williams(WR), Ajou Ajou(WR), Sage Ennis(TE), Walker Parkers(OL), Paul Tchio(OL), John Williams(OL), Mitchell Mayes(OL), Bryn Tucker(OL), Trent Howard(OL), DeMonte Capehart(DT), Tre Williams(DT), Bryan Bresee(DT), Myles Murphy(DE), Sergio Allen(LB), Kevin Swint(LB), Trenton Simpson(LB), RJ Mickens(S), Tyler Venables(S), Fred Davis(CB), Malcolm Greene(CB)

1st Year (18)
Bubba Chandler(QB), Will Taylor (QB, WR), Phil Mafah(RB), Will Shipley(RB), Dacari Collins(WR)
Beaux Collins(WR), Troy Stellato(WR), Jake Briningstool(TE), Marcus Tate(OL), Ryan Linthicum(OL), Dietrick Pennington(OL), Payton Page (DT), Cade Denhoff(DE), Zaire Patterson(DE), Jeremiah Trotter, Jr.(LB), Barrett Carter(LB/S), Andrew Mukuba(S), Nathaniel Wiggins(CB)

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Re: Updated Roster by years on team for 2021,

Posted: Jan 20, 2021, 6:25 PM

I gotta say, if you wrote this out, I applaud the work. Even if you didn't, this took some time to put together.

Nicely done!

FWIW, I have not heard anything on JC Chalk, Cade Stewart or Regan Upshaw.

Now, I would love to see them by position. LOL!!

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Re: Updated Roster by years on team for 2021,

Posted: Jan 20, 2021, 6:31 PM

TigerNet has done this for years.



proud to give you the first TU after 20 years on TigerNet...

Posted: Jan 20, 2021, 7:00 PM

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Tristan Leigh?

Posted: Jan 20, 2021, 6:46 PM

thats pretty interesting stuff tho -

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