Topic: What does last year have to do with this year?
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What does last year have to do with this year?

Posted: Nov 6, 2019, 5:16 PM

Is #13 going to come back for the CFP? or #4? or CDF? I understand the angst about being outside the top four, but I don't understand why being the "defending" champion is an argument for inclusion. Is Dex eligible this time? If we've played 23 games this year, they must have been shown on ACCN before Uverse added it.

Splain me plz.

Re: What does last year have to do with this year?

Posted: Nov 6, 2019, 5:17 PM



Ok, last year's team destroyed both opponents in the CFP

Posted: Nov 6, 2019, 5:52 PM

You cannot tell me that if it was Alabama doing that, they would retain that #1 ranking up until now as well. We've only won this year, and we've only dropped.

Our close win, was still a WIN. A road one at that.

There should be zero rankings, none, till the CFP. The artificial lead up to the CFP by putting 4 SEC teams in the top 10 all year is absolutely ridiculous, as Scar proved by beating a lifeless UGA in Athens. Scar lost to that team that almost beat us (but didn't).

If the transitive property cannot be used here, why is it transitive rankings DO work? i.e. "Well, #6 beat #4 but #6 is really good so let's just flip them." How GOOD are #4 and #6? Look at who they played. Hmm...neither played anyone really, BUT they're both highly ranked because __________.

It's all BS from the start, and it is a very real possibility Clemson could get left out because some stupid voter watched the first quarter of the CU/Louisville game and saw that last play of CU/UNC and forgot about the UNC team beating Scar, who beat UGA, etc. and forming their own OPINIONS, which is what these all are, still. Clemson and Bama have about the same resume so far, but Bama is not just one spot ahead, but two, because why? What have they done this season?

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Very well. The CFP semifinal and final games are the only

Posted: Nov 6, 2019, 6:40 PM

times all year where the relative strengths of those participating programs is shown, on the field, head to head. Now, all those four teams built a resume of statistics over the whole year in their respective leagues. But, the ultimate test, is what happens head to head? We all know what happened last year, and how that worked out.

Now, until those same semifinal and final games are played THIS year, everything is subjective again. But, you CAN compare this years team statistics against last years team, and get at least some idea of the relative strengths of the two. And, you can look at the talent that returns this year that was here last year, as well. That is the point that Dabo keeps trying to make. Which is, even though he has pulled the plug much earlier in games this year than last year, putting in reserves, this years team is just as strong statistically as the team that won it all last year. Defensively, we may be even better. The total game stats do not tell the true story of just how dominant that first group has been.

Now, the Committee would somehow have us believe that the rest of the country has raised their game significantly, if a team that is "on paper" equivalent to the "Best Ever", that DESTROYED the opposition in the playoffs is suddenly to be rated Number 5. This years Committee is obviously more swayed by glitz and glamour than by defense. So, we better turn on the jets these next four games, and give them no choice but to put us back into their party.

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So this is what brings you back to the board?

Posted: Nov 6, 2019, 6:55 PM

How about this. The same offense that dominated the playoff is basically back together in one piece. The numbers are almost identical to last year for the offense. The only difference being interceptions which Trevor has not thrown one in two and a half games. DW4 had more at this point in his last year BTW. Nobody harped on it then as an excuse to leave us out of the top 4 so why do it now? The Clemson offense starts slow EVERY year. This year is no different. Clemson plays a really close game or two EVERY year. This year is no different. The defense? Well the stats are BETTER this year.

So to your point this year is not last year but Clemson has a pattern that has played out every year. The stats are on par with last year so why rank this team any different? Why would we be outside of the top 4? Why isn’t anyone talking about Penn State’s close game at home to Pitt? How is Georgia ranked sixth after losing to SC who by the way as you well know lost to UNC? There’s a double standard when looking at Clemson and the ACC. That’s OK because it’s going to be a bloodbath when this team rolls through Columbia and proves a point to the committee you IGNORANT COOT.

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Re: What does last year have to do with this year?

Posted: Nov 6, 2019, 7:25 PM

Every year is a new year. But that doesn’t mean you can dust off the same lame story about the ACC not being on par with other leagues. It’s irrelevant when the evidence has proven that clemson can and will beat the teams from the sec. That’s why you look at the body of work over the past 5-6 Years. In gambling circles they will look at it like this because that’s how they gain an edge over opinions

We have the same head coach and the same coordinators.

Posted: Nov 6, 2019, 7:38 PM

Ie they’ve been there. We have largely the same offense with a more seasoned qb and rb corps. Our wrs are as good or better. Our defense is close if not as good as last year. Last year we beat the ever loving #### out of the “best team ever” and called off the dogs. That’s why there should be some memory. Franklin and penn state are about to fold like a cheap suit and I have a feeling LSU loses to Alabama because they haven’t been there. Hence my argument for why there can be some memory. Basically win out and we are in control of our own destiny.

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