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talent level

Posted: Nov 9, 2020, 9:14 AM

So I need some of the boards analysis regarding our defense

Take away the injuries for this analysis. Lets compare 2018 roster and the current one assuming everyone on both rosters is healthy.

My quick analysis is that this team is not even close in talent level to 2018. I mean we have some young guys like Murphy and Bresee that are doing great but even they are not as dominant as Wilkins and Big Dex were right out the gate. I realize you add Cle and Austin Bryant and you have a DL like one we may never have again but the thought was with XT, Henry, Mascoll etc we would still be elite. Granted with a healthy Foster and Tyler Davis we are much better but still not anywhere near 2018 level.

At corner we had AJ Terrell and T. Mullen who brought a lot more size the position. Throw in Isiah Simmons and Tanner Muse at Safety and the Secondary is not even close in my analysis. ND size would not has been as much of a factor with the size of Simmons and Muse in the box.

At LB we had Kendall Joseph, Tre Lamar etc. With a healthy Skalski, way Spector playing I would say this is more of a wash.

Just from an NEL draft standpoint the 2018 roster was incredible. The whole DL was drafted and back-up R. Maryland, both corners high draft picks, both safeties drafted.

How many players on the current defense will likely be drafted?

Maybe I am missing something so please let me know what you may see differently. But if you think about it we have really struggled for several games now. I mean even the UVA game is tied in the 3rd Quarter in not for an interception in the endzone. Syracuse has some success running it on us, BC picked us apart.

I think these guys are playing extremely hard and I know the injuries are making it tough but putting aside emotion, rationalization, etc., I just think we have got to look and say where are we really talent wise?

YOur thoughts please?


Re: talent level

Posted: Nov 9, 2020, 9:15 AM

I meant back-up Albert Huggins on DL


I think the talent level isn’t that far off

Posted: Nov 9, 2020, 9:21 AM

2018 wasn’t just talent. We were loaded with veterans. Especially the DL.

Davis is our biggest loss right now. He’s not as naturally gifted as Dex but he gives us similar results.

Having a stud nose guard make a whole defense look different.

We didn’t have a “pocket pusher” in the middle vs ND and it really showed. Even when we rushed 5-6 they were able to keep a clean pocket shape with an easy escape for Book.

We definitely don’t have the depth of veteran talent like 2018

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Re: talent level

Posted: Nov 9, 2020, 10:24 AM

Comparisons of defensive players for each year and their class.

2018 - Wilkins SR, D Lawrence JR, Ferrell rsJR, Bryant SR, Mullen JR, Terrell SO, Lamar JR, Joseph rsSR, Muse rsJR, Simmons rsSO, Wallace JR

Key 2018 subs - Huggins SR, Fields SR, J Davis SR, Skalski JR,

2020 - Murphy FR, Bresee FR, Davis SO, Henry rsSO, Skalski rsSR, Spector rsJR, Jones JR rs SO, Kendrick JR, Jones/Booth SO, Turner rsSR, Zanders SO

Key 2020 subs - Mascoll rsSO, Thomas JR, Venables rsSO, DBs all SO/rsFR

2018 - 1 second year player in top 15 players and he was a 1st round pick after his junior season.

2020 - 5 first or second year players starting

The experience isn't just important in terms of time on the field but there is also a HUGE difference in time in the weight room and in the nutrition program and things of that nature.


Re: talent level

Posted: Nov 9, 2020, 10:33 AM

For the first time in the BV era, our defense looked tired. I think the hit to our chart is not a talent issue, it is a rotation "freshness" issue. We are keeping our starting "2nds" in longer. These are a lot of hustle players going 110% - 110% of the time. We did not have "starters" coming in fresh in the 4th that cost us. The good news, it should get better over time.

The other good thing, hopefully with TL back things will calm down on offense (not spotting opposing teams 7-10 points) making the D have to play harder to stop all scoring by the 2nd qtr.


Re: talent level

Posted: Nov 9, 2020, 10:46 AM

I agree. We were gassed. I had flashes of how Alabama players looked at end of 2016 game in Tampa. They were just beat after 90 plus plays and that was year they not as deep on defense (by Alabama standards of course).

It is for that reason wish we been a little more aggressive on last regulation possession. But after holding call, etc we were in tough spot.

Felt like OT was not going to be our friend with defensive losses.


Replies: 5  


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