Topic: WRU, who is next?
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WRU, who is next?

Posted: Jul 17, 2017, 1:14 PM

Considering the talent that has been produced by Clemson at the WR spot; I think we can all agree Clemson is established as the WRU. It is natural to ask who is the next S. Watkins, Nuke, M. Bryant, M. Williams, et cetera. However, rather than look at the top guy (likely to be Cain or even Higgins, in my opinion), I am interested in who gets left out... there are only so many balls to go around. If you look at the distribution of number of players with 20+ catches since Clemson transitioned to the HUHN offense, it fluctuates between 5 and 8 players, as shown in the attached plot. On average, there have been ~6 players with 20+ receptions during the season. One of these players is usually a RB. So only 5 receivers will likely have 20+ receptions.

Limiting to 5 WRs and considering:
1) Cain
2) McCloud
3) Thompson
4) Renfrow
5) TJ Chase
6) Powell
7) Overton
8) Higgins
9) Rodgers
10) Milan R.

Who are your 5 WRs getting the 20+ receptions? I will go with Cain, McCloud, Higgins, Renfrow, and Powell in that order. What are your thoughts?

Re: WRU, who is next?

Posted: Jul 17, 2017, 1:32 PM

Interesting topic, and am surprised it is actually that low a number on average. If you think we run 70 plays a game over 14 games, thats 980 plays. Again, to be conservative, 40% are passing - so 392 balls to catch. but the real question is - how many get CAUGHT?

So is there an stat on targets versus catches? Because that should be interesting too.

My 5 are Cain, McCloud and Renfrow for sure. I think we will actually get a 6th this year because TE production will be down.

So i will say Overton, Powell, then Higgins grabbing that 6th spot.

In order of likelihood

Posted: Jul 17, 2017, 1:48 PM

1) Cain
2) Renfrow
3) McCloud
4) Powell
5) Overton
6) Thompson
7) Rodgers
8) Higgins (just too many people to beat out. also think he needs some weight)
9) Chase

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Replies: 2  
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