Topic: Check out this stat on Brownell:
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Check out this stat on Brownell:

emoji_events [9]
Posted: Mar 13, 2019, 2:22 PM

Crazy stat...Records of ACC teams the past 3 years in conference games decided by 3 points or less:
VT 8-1
FSU 5-1
Cuse 3-1
WF 2-1
NCSU 6-2
NC 5-2
Miami 7-3
Duke 5-4
UVA 4-4
ND 4-5
GT 4-5
Pitt 2-6
UofL 1-4
BC 1-5
Clem 2-14

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fireable if you ask me. That’s not getting the job done.***

Posted: Mar 13, 2019, 2:22 PM

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yeah 2-14 is so much better.......

Posted: Mar 13, 2019, 2:24 PM


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Does that mean you're not going to count the

Posted: Mar 13, 2019, 2:23 PM

1-possession win against Notre Dame?

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Re: Does that mean you're not going to count the

Posted: Mar 13, 2019, 2:25 PM


You're right though. It's so much better.

Amazing how many close games he's had.

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The Notre Dame game was the second win. It's 2-14

Posted: Mar 13, 2019, 2:23 PM

now. But the point is made and valid.


Re: Check out this stat on Brownell:

Posted: Mar 13, 2019, 2:25 PM

How many were road game?

You start mining that stat and the pattern is clear. They are road games (And I now better than to call Greensboro a "neutral" site). He is 1-7 this year and only 2 were home games.


Re: Check out this stat on Brownell:

Posted: Mar 13, 2019, 2:27 PM

Everything is equal when it's comparing all teams, silly goose. Compare the total number of close games and the win percentage. It's a pattern.

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Re: Check out this stat on Brownell:

Posted: Mar 13, 2019, 2:31 PM

Silly, I pulled all this a few days ago.

Brownell's Late Game record.

So folks like to bring up Brownell's "close game" record as a cause for change. Look at this season, sitting 1-5 in close game and then looking at the opponents I noticed a trend. Brownell has gone 1-5 in games are are 2 home 4 away. So with folks mentioning the last few season, I looked at the home/away ratio of the close games.

Season, #wins-#loses #home-#away and then a note for Neutral Site results.

18-19, 1W-5L, 2H-4A - 1 Neutral (in greensboro vs NC State... hardly neutral)
17-18, 2W-3L, 0H-5A
16-17, 2W-6L, 6H-2A
15-16, 2W-6L, 3H-4A - 1 Neutral L -Note this was the Greenville Year, counted home games in Gville.
14-15, 3W-4L, 3H-2A - 2 Neutral L
13-14, 2W-2L, 1H-2A - 1 Neutral L

Past 5 seasons, brad is 12-26 in 3 point or less games
But at the same time, the Home to Away Ratio is 15-19-4. So it seems more likely to happen away for LJ.

Close games at home, he is 8-8, what kinda shocked me here was how many top teams were in this group - like our past UNC game. We win some, wwe drop some. Ok. Still, this is what you expect with close games going either way.
Close game on the road, he is 4-18. Wow, this is the shocker.... or at least what I was lookng for.
Neutral he is 0-4 but this is mostly early season tournaments or ACC tournament games, so even you win 1-2 in a tournament, but lose the last in a close game, it shows up as 0-5. That was the trend I saw. I kinda wanted to toss these out but hey, it is data. Still, about 1/3 of the close games are in LJ while 2/3 are not.

I did not included included OT wins/loses of 4 point for more such as the 17-18 win at Louisville but includes an OT lose at FSU that are 3pts or less. I thought about going back to do OT games but got lazy and did not want to backtrack.

I was kinda shocked to tease out the real key is that Brownell can keep so many road games close but come up short. Is that another direction issue?

Not really. I found this on a Syracuse item earlier this year... I don't know how/why they ranked it, I guess a number of wins to loses drop but here ya go.

ACC home-court advantages in order, according to Kenpom.com. (The records encapsulate the past six seasons.): ---- I have no clue how they ranked this... it is odd and not numerical ------

1) Wake Forest (27-27 home, 5-49 road)
2) Clemson (34-30 home, 16-38 road)
3) Syracuse (38-16 home, 23-31 road)
4) North Carolina (44-10 home, 31-23 road)
5) Virginia (49-5 home, 35-19 road)
6) Georgia Tech (25-29 home, 12-42 road)
7) Duke (48-6 home, 29-25 road)
8) Virginia Tech (25-29 home, 13-41 road)
9) Florida State (34-20 home, 21-33 road)
10) North Carolina State (31-23 home, 19-35 road)
11) Louisville (42-12 home, 32-22 road)
12) Notre Dame (38-16 home, 24-30 road)
13) Miami (38-16 home, 28-26 road)
14) Pittsburgh (25-29 home, 19-35 road)
15) Boston College (16-38 home, 8-46 road)

So take it as you will, it seems that Brad can keep us in close game on the road and give us a chance to win but struggles to close it out. Still, if you look atthe other ACC schools, few have winning road records. Brad wins 22% of the close road games as compared to his overall .421 record on the road in the ACC. So either he wins by 4+ or he tends to lose those that are 1 possession games. Winning on the road is difficult, even Duke and Carolina tend to become more "average". of course Miami and Louisville have fallen off since this image but still, interesting.

The other thing to consider was that while there were a lot of home loses in 16-17... that was an extremely weak year for us. otherwise almost every year, the closes games on the road outnumber the home close games 2-1. Still, it seems to be a fairly specific "Brownell Pattern'. I am curious to see how it worked for Purnell, etc but I ran out of statistics for the day.


If road games are so difficult

Posted: Mar 13, 2019, 2:44 PM

we should just not send the team and save money

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Re: Check out this stat on Brownell:

Posted: Mar 13, 2019, 2:28 PM

I may be completely off here, but didn't Dabo have a similar record in close games until around the 2014 season?


Re: Check out this stat on Brownell:

Posted: Mar 13, 2019, 2:34 PM



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Dabo did lose alot of close ones...

Posted: Mar 13, 2019, 2:42 PM

and it started to turn in 2013-2014....not sure of exact record or what constitutes close (less than a TD maybe?) but in Dabo's 9th season we won a national title and had finished like 6 straight years in the Top 25 and with 10 plus wins.

We let Brownell slide (administration too) bc by and large Clemson doesn't care about basketball. Football, Baseball....then basketball.


Re: Dabo did lose alot of close ones...

Posted: Mar 13, 2019, 2:43 PM

Football, Football Spring Ball, Baseball/Soccer, Golf, Track, then Basketball?


Re: Check out this stat on Brownell:

Posted: Mar 13, 2019, 2:49 PM

The wins and losses don’t add up to the same number


Re: Check out this stat on Brownell:

Posted: Mar 14, 2019, 4:59 PM


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