Topic: Some old OSU nuggets
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Some old OSU nuggets

Posted: Dec 30, 2019, 9:56 AM

Back on signing day 1989, there was a top DL recruit from New Jersey named Arthur Bussey who was considered an OSU lock. Although there were really only 2 recruiting services back then, Bussey was considered to the Brisee of his class. OSU coaches showed up at the school for the signing that morning only to encounter Clemson coaches. Bussey signed with CU and a fight ensued between the coaches in there hallway of the school.

Recruiting didn’t get the coverage back then like it does today, but the event was picked up by the wire services and also shared in some sports magazines. It’s also the reason coaches are no longer allowed at the schools on signing day.

Also, I played high school football In Easley with a guy who was on the CU team in the 80s as a back up QB and later GA. To protect the “innocent” I want mention his name. However, he had moved to Easley in the mid 70s from Ohio and was a huge OSU and Art Schlister fan. In the summer of 81 before his senior season, he and our top receiver went to OSUs QB/WR camp.

The WR was a huge Clemson fan but went at his friends request. The first day of camp the Easley WR donned a Clemson #56 jersey with Bauman (sp) on the back. This was only 3 years after the Gator Bowl. He said some of the coaches didn’t find it funny at all. Also, some of you old timers may remember the Billy Joel concert at Littlejohn in 79. Joel came out on stage and said “so you’re the guys that got Woody Hayes fired.” The OSU hatred of CU runs very deep.

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Re: Some old OSU nuggets

Posted: Dec 30, 2019, 10:08 AM

They like us even less now. :)

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