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Hugh Freeze

emoji_events [8]
Posted: Nov 10, 2020, 1:41 PM

Has an interesting bio. Most of it would indicate him to be a perfect fit for the lamecocks. Rules violations, academic fraud, call girls etc. a marriage made in heaven,

Re: Hugh Freeze

emoji_events [8]
Posted: Nov 10, 2020, 1:47 PM

He was really good at signing recruits who never visited campus during his time at Ole Miss.

That strategy would be a HUGE bonus in cooterville!

Re: Hugh Freeze

emoji_events [8]
Posted: Nov 10, 2020, 1:58 PM

If he is hired it would be the shadiest hire since Louisville's second Petrino hiring


Re: Hugh Freeze

Posted: Nov 10, 2020, 2:01 PM

I agree 74 but you’ll have to admit that Liberty team is pretty good and well coached. I hope the Tigers can move the ball on VPI the way Falwells Folly did Saturday.

Re: Hugh Freeze

Posted: Nov 10, 2020, 7:10 PM

Lol, good call

2021 white level member

All jokes aside...

Posted: Nov 10, 2020, 2:10 PM

if they did hire him then it'd be their best hire, probably ever (maybe 2nd to Spurrier for now). Freeze made many moral errors but the guy can flat out coach. You'd have to think he learned from the sins of his past. Sankey blackballed him from the SEC but I think that will soon be lifted. If Auburn, UT, or USC wanted to hire him, it'd be an absolute bid war.

I'd prefer he go elsewhere.

He can flat out coach based on what?

emoji_events [5]
Posted: Nov 10, 2020, 2:26 PM

Beating Syracuse and Virginia Tech?

Having one decent year at Ole Miss where he was using an array of impermissible benefits, including cars, loans, cash and hookers to recruit players? It's a great strategy until you get caught.

The fact that this clown doesn't have a lifetime "show cause order" attached to his name is amazing to me.

2021 orange level memberbadge-donor-15yr.jpg

Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Well you forgot to mention the part where

Posted: Nov 10, 2020, 6:39 PM

he beat Cuse and VT while coaching Liberty.

I'm pretty sure he's a legitimately good coach. I'm also pretty sure he's dirty and anyone that hires him will be doing so at the risk of probation a few years down the road.

2021 white level member

Based on his entire life of coaching...

Posted: Nov 11, 2020, 2:16 PM

how could argue he is not a good coach? Hookers and cash isnt how he beat Nick Saban twice.

His offenses are dynamic and well coached...he makes DC's crap their pants in preparation bc they can do so much. He won titles coaching 2 different sports in high school, won at the NAIA/D2 level, and now has won consistently at his 3rd D-1 school. And he's coaching freaking Liberty and beat VT as a 17 pt underdog...at team that was just ranked a couple of weeks ago.

You may not like the guy, but he can coach football. Im not saying he is Nick Saban but if he set up shop in Columbia....you better believe they will be in the top 25 within 2-3 years.

Seriously, the thought of that truly just makes me get all

Posted: Nov 10, 2020, 2:39 PM

warm and tingly inside. A big fat NCAA investigation and probation would set em back another 10 years...

2021 white level memberbadge-donor-10yr.jpg

I'm just trying to keep Anna Lee company.

Re: Seriously, the thought of that truly just makes me get all

Posted: Nov 10, 2020, 5:42 PM

I expect Hugh Freeze has learned how to use untraceable prepaid cell phones and bitcoin. There is no way he gets caught again.


Posted: Nov 10, 2020, 5:44 PM

That movie is funny

2021 white level member

Re: Hugh Freeze

Posted: Nov 10, 2020, 4:37 PM

There is a #### freezing over joke in there somewhere ....

2021 orange level memberbadge-donor-15yr.jpg

Re: Hugh Freeze

Posted: Nov 10, 2020, 4:55 PM

My neighbor a former coot LB 1992-1995 thinks coots already in contact with Huge Freeze. The coots would dance with the devil just to have winning seasons and go to well known bowl games. He even said he would contribute to buy out Muschump. Coots are so desperate to win morals mean little. The next HC please just win games we don’t want to know the details. Even If it means dirty unethical, illegal recruiting, paying players which all fall under The Huge Freeze system. How many years will HF serve as coots HC before they to are on probation???

Just one Tiger’s opinion of what Freeze brings to the coot chicken coop! ??

2021 orange level memberbadge-donor-05yr.jpg

Re: Hugh Freeze

Posted: Nov 10, 2020, 7:08 PM

Even Hugh has his standards. USUC well below even his.

Re: Hugh Freeze

Posted: Nov 10, 2020, 7:23 PM

One thing for sure. He won’t be able to hit the ground running at any SEC school signing a bevy of 5 and 4 stars. Maybe in time. Every coach in the SEC will be on high alert. Especially the “Boss”.

Re: Hugh Freeze

Posted: Nov 10, 2020, 7:37 PM

Should be automatic Death Penalty to hire Freeze! Oh wait...

2021 white level member

I would think he would be banned from football after

Posted: Nov 11, 2020, 7:21 PM

old Miss

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