Topic: A few thoughts (positive and not-so-positive).....
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Replies: 2  

A few thoughts (positive and not-so-positive).....

Posted: Nov 8, 2020, 12:21 AM


- DJ is the real deal. What a QB. Feeling good about next season.
- Props to Cornell Powell. He was incredible. What a story.
- Potter was money tonight...even after waiting forever for reviews.
- We still have all our goals in front of us (ACCCG, playoffs, etc.)
- Lots of backups playing...and we still almost pulled it off.
- BYE week coming at the right time. Not sure how many guys we'll get back after that...but we know one who is coming back.
- FSU/Pitt/VT after BYE week....blowout city upcoming.


- The replay booth.
- The first half fumbles...again.
- Not having a RB behind ETN who could give quality minutes. LJD got in the doghouse again apparently. Mellusi went the wrong way on one of the two plays he was out there. In this game where they were so keyed on ETN, being able to put a change of PACE out there might have been nice.
- The last offensive series of regulation. Run the ball 3 times inside and make them use the TOs OR fake it on first and second down and throw it with the QB that has thrown it for 400+ yards. But we did neither. In retrospect, taking a shot on first down and then running the other two if you didn't get it might have been the way to go at that point.
- The injuries on defense...and on offense at WR & OL. We too deep...but no one is that deep.
- Having to endure a few weeks of sitting behind Bama, ND & perhaps Ohio St. in the rankings.

I do think Notre Dame played well. Kudos to them, especially for driving to tie the game after we took the lead. I feel pretty good about winning our 3 games and getting back to the ACCCG. It will be interesting to see how they handle this success...their next two games coming up at BC and at UNC after their BYE will test them. Even the closer against Wake might be interesting. Even if they drop one, I think we'll see them. Not sure I trust Miami to close out their schedule, and even so, ND would win a tiebreaker based on beating us.

Re: A few thoughts (positive and not-so-positive).....

Posted: Nov 8, 2020, 1:48 AM

All fair points. I agree with all you have to say and I feel like we win out and we are in.

However, I am greatly concerned about the OL. Everyone is able to shut us down running and we had like 35 rushing yards. The defense will get healthy but we have to find a way to be able to run the ball consistently when needed. We have the best RB in the nation.

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Re: A few thoughts (positive and not-so-positive).....

Posted: Nov 8, 2020, 2:09 AM

We just need to figure out how to be a slightly below average running team as opposed to just so bad that you cannot find words.

That would be a starting point.


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